A tale is about a princess who seeks adventure and yearns for something new in her life. Rejecting the stereotypes of a princess role, the Magic Carpet Princess seeks to make decisions for herself and live her life the way she wants it to be.  Decisions she makes for herself and not someone who makes them for her.
To explore new horizons without any restrictions. To marry someone she loves without any force.
Our Magic Carpet Princess is a fierce and spoken out leader who encourages little girls that they can set their OWN path in life.  To speak up when something isn't right.

Magic Carpet Princess


1 hour-$200
1 1/2-$250
2hrs- $325 (includes two characters of your choice)

**travel fee applies to anything outside of 50 miles from our location.
(New Bedford, MA)

What to expect at your party!

✨Grand entrance

✨Royal Attendant

✨Photo op with all guests in attendance

✨Glitter tattoos for the children. 

✨Bracelet making

✨Themed Games (limbo, freeze dance etc)


✨Singing happy birthday when the cake is present (optional)

✨Birthday gift for the birthday child to keep and a certificate making them an honorary princess!